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The Final Chapter: Around the World With Acuity

By March 16, 2017 No Comments

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Over 12 months ago, Acuity’s account manager, David McLaughlin, came to us with a rather outlandish request – to work and travel around the world. We always aim to encourage our employees to take risks and see the reward and, after a bit of consideration, we knew it was too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Since send off, David has wandered more than 20 countries across five continents. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been an entire year since our world traveler set out on this global journey.But what fun would globetrotting be without ample documentation?

Through this series, we were able to take you around the globe with him. If you’ve been following along, you’ve had the chance to explore some of the most fascinating and beautiful places on the planet.

A few highlights from his work and travel adventure…

Dove hunting in Cordoba
Theater hopping in Argentina
White knuckle ride down Death Road in La Paz
Inca ruins roaming in Peru
Castle hunting (in a sexy kilt) through Scotland
11-course meal feasting in the Czech Republic
Beef tartare tasting in Serbia
Sea Organ listening in Croatia
Egyptian pyramid walking in the Middle East
Swell surfing in Bali
Sunrise viewing of Angkor Wat

world traveler work and travel

Final Q&A Lightning Round (*Tear*)

Where have you been since we last checked in?
Most recently, I visited the world’s sixth largest country, Australia. I explored Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns. I must be honest – the true beauty of Australia isn’t found in her cities, but in the outskirts. I road-tripped down the Great Ocean Road, took a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and worked on my tan at Manly Beach. It was incredibly beautiful!

What is one surprising lesson you learned along the way on this journey?
The most surprising thing I’ve learned is how few material things you need in order to be truly happy. I was able to work and travel around the world with a carry-on sized suitcase and a backpack. I can fit everything I need (for both work and pleasure) in these two bags. Coming from the consumption culture of the USA, this was really surprising to me since we are indoctrinated from a very early age to believe that more things equal more happiness. When in actuality, I’ve now found the inverse to be true.

Describe an unforgettable person you met along the way.
I’ll have to change that to plural. The most unforgettable people I’ve met along this journey were my fellow Remote Year participants. When you think about what they’ve accomplished: moved out of their homes, sold their personal possessions, signed up to work / travel for a year with a start-up company that had no discernable track record with 70+ other people they had never met before … It’s clear that these people are amazing individuals.

What is something you’ve tried that you wouldn’t have before this trip?
That one’s tough because there are so many things that I would not have tried before this adventure. I have spent the entire year in the uncomfortable “growth zone.” So much so, that now it’s the only “zone” I know. Why be a slave to monotony and routine, when there are much better alternatives? No employer is going to come to your desk and say “Hey, we want you to travel the world and have amazing new experiences”. You have to decide that’s what you really want and then make it happen. That’s the start of the growth zone…

[ctt template=”1″ link=”3dfc5″ via=”yes” ]”If you can not ask the world for what you desire, then you will never get it.” [/ctt]

What has this journey taught you about traveling and working around the world?

Overall, I think I’ve learned the true power of Acuity’s Cloud Accounting services first-hand. Because of the technology we have in place, this function can really be performed from anywhere in the world. From the highest capital city in the world La Paz, to the Bedouin deserts of Jordan, to the jungles of S.E. Asia — all you need is power, an internet connection, and the expertise that Acuity requires of each of its team members. The rest is pretty simple.

What’s your next move? Where to now?
I’m heading to New Zealand, then Japan. After that…who knows? The world is a big, beautiful place and there are so many things left to see. I don’t plan on stopping my adventure just yet.

Any closing remarks/takeaways on this epic journey around the world?
Well – Acuity has been instrumental in making this adventure possible and has supported me throughout the entire journey. Every member of the organization has been positively impacted by this adventure and wants to be a part of it, even in the smallest way, which is really cool. I want to give special recognition to Kenji Kuramoto, Matthew May, and the entire Acuity Family for their love and support. I could not have done this without them!

That’s a wrap on Acuity’s Around the World series. We hope this has inspired you to take your own risks and pursue your own big adventures. Until next time, world travelers.