Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management to Keep Your Payments in Check

Call us before you call a collections agency

Customers slow to pay? We keep it covered.

We get it — no one wants to be the bad guy. But accounts receivable management is an important part of your business. When cash flow slows, it’s harder for you to run your business.

That’s why we’re here — to take the pressure off of you, help you get paid faster, and be the one responsible for having those awkward conversations. Plus, we use the power of human connection to make sure your client relationships are kept in good standing while staying on top of everything else.

Accounts Receivable Management Services + Pricing

No. of Customers to Call

Level 1 – 5
Level 2 – 10
For each additional – 5

Monthly Price (Stand Alone)

Level 1 – $450
Level 2 – $550
For each additional – $100

Monthly Price (When Bundled With Any Acuity Monthly Service)

Level 1 – $250
Level 2 – $350
For each additional – $100

Accounts Receivable Management can be purchased as either a standalone service or it can be bundled with any of your current Acuity bookkeeping services (Yay discounts!). We find that most businesses have about 15 customers each month that are late to pay for one reason or another. Each month our team tackles your highest priority accounts that need a nudge to stay current.

What’s Included With Accounts Receivable Management?

Email Cadences

Payment reminders go out at the 30, 45, and 60-day mark after a missed payment. You get to choose how many customers (and who) to send reminders to.

Human Connection

Acuity’s difference maker from other accounts receivable management platforms is the human touch. Our team of experts are the ones calling and staying on top of your accounts.

Dashboard View

Simplify, simplify. Our dashboard view of your A/R gives you a status of all accounts, correspondence, notes, and more, and integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks.

How to Follow Up On Accounts Receivables

Use this free guide to track down payments from customers. We put together a suggested follow-up sequence for external emails, external phone calls and text messaging, and internal communications. And the best part? We also provide exactly what to say at each step of the process!

Here’s what our clients are saying.

I’m honestly not sure where we would have been without Acuity’s help. Their team allowed us to run more efficiently and helped us navigate some very important financial decisions.

Jeremy Le VanFounder, Sunrise App

Acuity has allowed us to stay on top of our finances and ahead of the game. They have been an unbelievably valuable partner in helping us grow.

Jesse PlinerCo-founder, Prong

From bookkeeping when we were a two-man shop and needed to focus all our attention on the core business, to a part-time CFO to get our financial model in order that helped us raise our Series A from a West Coast VC, to a part-time Controller as we scale, Acuity has provided us with just what we need, when we need it.

Andrew McConnellFounder, rented.

Why Now?

As cash flow gets tighter due to the continuing impact of COVID, accounts receivable management becomes even more crucial. Since automation can only do so much, having a dedicated human to cover those accounts keeps your A/R from slipping through the cracks.

That’s why Acuity employs trusted account managers — to keep your cash flowing steadily, on-time, and in a way that respects (and empathizes) with the needs of your clients.

What Is Accounts Receivable Management?

Accounts receivable management (also known as A/R management or ARM) is a particular type of client management solution that prevents missed payments from lingering and seeks to eliminate non-payment — all while maintaining the best relationship with your clients. After all, the account hasn’t gone to collections (yet!) and you’ll want your clients to continue paying for your services.

There will always be a few clients here and there who are slow to pay and need gentle reminders. Sometimes an email gets lost. Other times, an anomaly occurs (like a hiccup in code) and that can happen to even your best clients who are usually on time. Accounts receivable management aims to wrangle these scenarios into a more efficient, empathetic, and straightforward way to keep your cash flowing.


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