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5 Benefits of Working In A Coworking Space

By January 24, 2019 No Comments

Benefits of a coworking space

Coworking spaces are gaining popularity all over the world, giving freelancers and startups the perfect place to get the job done. Working from home or coffee shops can be nice, but sometimes you’re faced with different challenges and need a change of scenery.

Whether you’re obsessed with the free coffee and snacks or love the peace and quiet of booking a conference room, these spaces can set the perfect tone for the workday. We’ve been located in Atlanta Tech Village, a great coworking space in the Buckhead area for over four years and we couldn’t be any happier.

Here are a few benefits of working in a coworking space for you to consider.

1. Networking and Community

While working alone can be great, there comes a time when you need to socialize. Whether you’re indulging in a free Friday lunch like we have at ATV or grabbing a fresh cup of coffee from the kitchen, there are many opportunities to expand your network and make valuable connections.

2. It Can Be Cost Effective

You have the flexibility of going from a single hot desk to an office to accommodate the size of your team as it grows. You’re not locked into a long lease, and you don’t have to worry about the overhead costs. The coworking space handles it all from the utilities and maintenance to the amenities which keeps your costs low. From the furnished offices to easy access to business services like wi-fi, mail handling, and printing, they’ve got you covered.

3. You Can Improve Your Productivity

Working from home has its perks, there’s no time-consuming commute and no need to put on “real clothes,” however, various distractions can hinder productivity. Going to a coworking space and having a change in your environment can help minimize distractions, shift your focus, and boost your productivity.

4. Inspiration

Being in a collaborative environment can help get your creative juices flowing. Interacting with like-minded and innovative people can impact the way you work and think. You have access to the input and feedback of others, and your ideas and concepts are no longer limited.

5. Access to Resources

Coworking spaces offer amazing resources to help you grow your business. Members have access to in-house mentors, pitch practice, and Lunch and Learns. These are all perfect opportunities to learn new tips as well as share your expertise. The people that you work beside every day could even provide a service that your business could benefit from (like our fantastic bookkeeping services). It’s also a great place to meet a potential client or business partner.

As you work on growing your business, consider making the switch to a coworking space. Whether you’re working independently or building your team, there are many benefits to becoming a member.