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Invoicing & Accounts Receivables

Acuity Launches Accounts Receivable Services as Standalone Service

By October 16, 2020 No Comments

accounts receivable servicesMaintain Steady & Predictable Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Services

This isn’t a new service for us — we’ve been bundling it with our bookkeeping services for a while now. What is new is that we are now also offering accounts receivable services as a standalone service. 

So, what are accounts receivable services anyway?

Acuity’s accounts receivable services are for those businesses that don’t yet have a dedicated A/R department but need some help managing accounts with the occasional missed payment (or those chronic late payers). It’s designed to be the intermediate step after a missed payment but before the last resort of sending an account to collections. 

Since cash flow is absolutely vital to the health of your business, keeping it flowing steadily is not only of the utmost importance but is also the result of a good A/R service. 

Sometimes missed payments just happen, even from your best customers. Our dedicated team of account managers helps foster those great relationships while keeping accounts in good standing. Of course there are also those accounts that are consistently late in paying (we all have them) and as such need consistent reminders. Either way, Acuity has you covered.

Why Are Accounts Receivable Services Important Right Now?

It’s no secret that COVID has made budgets tighter for the foreseeable future. In a world where cash is king, a healthy and steady cash flow is imperative now more than ever. Having dedicated accounts receivable services ensures that missed payments are captured, helps remedy future non-payment, and maintain healthy client relationships even when embarrassing flubs happen. 

Why Acuity?

While there are certainly many options for A/R services, what sets Acuity apart is the focus on humans interacting with humans (instead of relying on just automation). We believe that the human element is vitally important for maintaining good relationships with your clients while making sure you get paid. 

Our team of experts are personally responsible for each of the accounts you choose to manage with our accounts receivable services

Who Is Acuity Partnering With?

In order to offer a fully robust A/R service, Acuity will be partnering with InvoiceSherpa and CollBox to fully support all aspects of A/R. They provide the tech, we provide the human touch to make sure you’re getting paid faster and on-time — so you don’t have to. 

How to Get Started

Want to learn more about our accounts receivable services and how they can help increase your cash flow? Learn more here, or talk to one of our team members about how we can take care of your specific needs.