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Behind the Books

Behind the Books: Meet Tyler Horn

By July 17, 2019 No Comments

Tyler Horn

This post is part of our Behind the Books series where we introduce you to the incredibly talented and hardworking people that make up the Acuity team. We’re excited for you to get to know them.

Meet Tyler Horn, Acuity’s Account Executive, and resident funny guy. If you’d like to skip the transcript, you can watch the full interview at the bottom of this post.

We’ll start with an easy question. Where are you from?

Easy question but can also be complicated. So I am from Charlotte or right outside of Charlotte. A small town called Pinefield. But I was raised in Augusta; technically, I guess that’s where I’m from.

Okay, great. And where did you go to school?

I went to Augusta University. They’ve gone through a few name changes. When I initially started there, they went by Augusta State, then they changed their name to Georgia Regents, and now it is just called Augusta University.

That’s a lot of changes. What did you major in while you were there?

The real question is, what didn’t I major in while I was there. When I first got there, I had this great idea that I liked working out, so I chose kinesiology as a major. Then I got a summer job at a gym, and it wasn’t fun. I realized I didn’t want to do that forever. I had no desire to train people who didn’t want to be trained. So then I changed my major to criminal justice. I realized I didn’t want to fight crime either. So then after criminal justice, I thought that maybe I wanted to clean teeth. I hate the dentist, so I definitely didn’t want to clean teeth for a living. Eventually, I wandered into the business office at school, and they told me I had to sign up for something, so I picked a few marketing classes. I honestly just wanted to get out of college. So that’s what I stuck with, and the classes weren’t bad.

You went through a lot of changes. So you started at Acuity a couple of weeks before I did back in June 2015, you’ve been here four years. How did you end up at Acuity?

Sometimes I wonder why they even hired me at Acuity because I worked at a barbecue restaurant for a long time. After I graduated college, I attended a career fair here at Atlanta Tech Village. I spoke to someone running the Acuity booth at the time. I applied the next day, had an interview the following week and I guess they thought it was a great idea to hire someone whose only experience was cooking barbecue.

What does your typical day here look like as an Account Executive?

There is no typical day. I talk to a wide range of people every single day, different types of business owners. Typically the beginning of my day is just following up on emails. Then the rest is spent hopefully on phone calls. I’m talking to different business owners. They’re all extremely different from one another because our client base has such a wide range. Nothing is ever the same, and no two clients are alike.

Okay. I know from my experience in sales, it can be a little stressful and it has its ups and downs. What keeps you motivated in this role?

Coffee. If someone were to open me up, I’d probably bleed coffee. That’s not a joke. I’d probably need a coffee IV if I were ever to pass out. But on a real note, what keeps me motivated? Not all my calls are perfect, so whenever I have a bad call, it just brings me back down to reality in a way. It’s just always learning and growing. And of course the coffee, it always comes back to coffee. Coffee is for closers.

You sound just like Matthew. He’s rubbed off on you. So what would you say is your favorite part about your job or working at Acuity?

My favorite part about working here would be the people. I love the people that I work with. Going back to working at a barbecue restaurant, I stayed there for seven years because the owners were just extremely kind people and treated me well. I stayed there until I got done with college. Since I’ve been here, it’s been the same thing. Kenji and Matthew do a really great job running a business.

So, based on the people that you’ve spoken to and the clients that you’ve signed, when do you find is the best time for companies to reach out to us and explore our accounting solutions?

Every single person watching this video should reach out as soon as possible. The time is now. There’s no other time. No, I’m kidding. The biggest pain point that I see is when clients just let the basics of what they’re doing get away from them because they don’t have time. Between running a business, doing the marketing and sales, you’re just wearing way too many hats. So when the basics get away from you, which I see quite a bit, I think it’s a great time to kick that question around in terms of whether bringing in bookkeeping or accounting solution makes sense.

Okay. That is a pretty good reason. You’re probably going to have to think a little bit about this one. What would you say is perhaps one of your favorite companies you’ve come across?

I feel like it was the best one ever for me. It was during my time as an SDR, and that answer is our former client, Lovepop. Lovepop cards are awesome, and it’s a cool company. They’ve even been featured in commercials.

Yes. And they were on Shark Tank. That’s pretty awesome. Okay, so we’re going to wrap it up here. Our last question is, what is your motto or personal mantra? What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated?

Coffee. Every single day I say, “Where’s the coffee? Where is the coffee?” Because once you find the source of coffee, your day is set. And that’s what I live by.

I think you live by more than that.

Yeah, I do. I like failing. When I fail something, it’s nothing for me to get down about or anything like that. It’s just a better way to look at knowing that I need to improve in this one specific area, whether it’s a sales call or something like that. If I could fail every single day at something, well I don’t know if I want to fail every single day, maybe just once a week. I think failing is a good way to learn and to grow.

So it keeps you on your toes. Well, thanks for your time, Tyler. It’s been great getting to know you. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we sign off?

If you are looking for a bookkeeping solution, you should reach out to us. Thank you!