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Your Venture Atlanta 2017 Go-To Twitter Guide

By October 11, 2017 No Comments

Venture Atlanta 2017 Companies

Venture Atlanta 2017 (Venture Atlanta’s 10 year anniversary event) is finally here and we are so excited to be your go-to source for live coverage at #VA2017. Whether you’re attending the event or are interested in following along from your desk, but sure to follow our handle so you don’t miss a beat.

#VA2017: Venture Atlanta 2017’s Official Hashtag

@Acuity_Co your best source of all behind-the-scenes info

@VentureAtlanta our awesome hosts for the week

If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s event, you’ll be busy mingling and soaking in all the venture goodness. That’s why we pulled together a master list of all the presenting companies. Well, at least the ones with Twitter accounts.


Presenting Companies

@AcesHealth  | Aces Health

@Brytecore | Brytecore

@Deposco | Deposco


@fattmerchant | Fattmerchant

@FIXD_app | FIXD

@fslogix | FSLogix

@GSMclickSDS | Global Safety Management

@Go_Procure | GoProcure

@GozioHealth | Gozio Health

@ImagineAir | ImagineAir

@Intradiem | Intradiem

@Izenda | Izenda Inc

@ru_lillii | Lillii RNB Inc.

@CollaborateMore | LiveSource US

@MacStadium | MacStadium

@buzzyhelps | MMJ Labs Pain Relief

@GetOrderlyNow | Orderly

@patientory | Patientory

@PrediktoIoT | Predikto

@preparis | Preparis

@rawshorts | Raw Shorts

@SaigeChefs  | Saige Personal Chef

@scientiamobile | ScientiaMobile

@TeamSideqik | Sideqik

@TeamSudu | Sudu

@SureFireLLC | SureFire

@thingtech | thingtech

@UnBrokerage | UnBrokerage, Inc.

@VizziaTech | Vizzia Technologies

@volantio | Volantio

@ZENEDGEprotect | Zenedge


Startup Showcase


@bwhealthusa | BW Health

@brrrcooltech | brrrº

@carbice | Carbice Corporation

@decisioniq | DecisionIQ

@GrubblyFarms | Grubbly Farms

@LaaSer911 | LaaSer Critical Communications

@moqualityinc | MoQuality

@SafelyStay | Safely

@Single_Ops | SingleOps

@Stackfolio | Stackfolio

@StaffWRX | Staffwrx

@zywiehealthcare | Zywie

Be sure to use #VA2017 as you interact. Now, go make some connections…in 140 characters or less.