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Acuity’s XPAC Partnership Announced At XeroCon

By August 25, 2016 No Comments

XeroCon Recap

Though it solidifies our “nerd” title, we love attending XeroCon each year. You might (not) be thinking “what’s this great conference I’m missing out on?!” Well, the best way to explain it to those of you who may be non-nerds, It’s basically like Comic-Con for bookkeepers, accountants, and HR pros. Here’s the basics:

  • Marketing Panel at XeroConWHAT IS XEROCON?:  An annual event with the purpose of connecting financial, tech, and human resources companies so they can know any improvements and enhancements that have been made over the past year in this industry. This year’s event was filled withinformation on how small businesses can build their business, what tools to use, how to market their products, and of course all of the wonderful updates xero XeroConhas made in the past year to their product.
  • WHY DID ACUITY ATTEND?:  We attend each year so we can stay up to date on all improvements within our industry as well as provide our clients with the top technology and tools to help them stay ahead of the game. Plus, after attending XeroCon we can help our customers to utilize even more of the Xero platform.Our friends at XeroCon

We love getting to nerd out and discuss all the new tools and platforms industry leaders have created to make your financial and human resource pains, oh so much easier. This year’s conference was especially exciting for us because we were 1 of 12 firms named to the Xero Partner Advisor Council! 😍 Sound the alarms — we are honored and excited to be included in XPAC.

XPAC Partner Announced at XeroCon

Xero connects with many companies around the globe to provide small businesses with trusted resources. To be named a part of their partner advisory council is no small feat. As you can see, only a handful of companies are selected and you remain on the council for only two years. During that time, you help to influence Xero’s product and voice where you think they could improve. The XPAC program will allow us to partner even closer with Xero and learn more about our startup ecosystem. They even snagged a video of our very own, Kenji Kuramoto, answering why he loves working with Xero.

Overall, we had a blast at XeroCon this year and can’t wait for next year’s event!


XeroCon ConferenceXerocon tweetAcuity_co: “Businesses that use #cloud apps are growing 30% faster than those who don’t” — #xerocon2016

Xerocon tweetDonny Shimamoto: We need to stop treating staff like monkeys and more like people b/c they are our no 1 asset @LizzyNorMa #xerocon

Xerocon tweet

Acuity_co: Great words to live by: “If I fly or if I fall, at least I can say I gave it my all”— Rupaul #xerocon #xerocon2016

Xerocon tweet

Xero: Embracing change might be the difference between success and failure. #xerocon #xerocon2016 @kiwilark

Xerocon tweet

Xero: Wonderful presentation from @AmyVetterCPA at #xerocon! “33% of CEOs don’t think their CFO provides what they need”


Xerocon tweetMathew Heggem: “XeroCon Event What you build dictates what you attract.” @jeffphillips_ #XeroCon

Xerocon #xerocon is a place where you make friends for life while changing the industry forever. @kenjikuramoto @TheTechCPA