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Acuity Announces Pilot Program with Financial Planning Tool Jirav


At Acuity, we’re committed to finding the best and most innovative finance technologies available to bring to our clients. Our teams have the most up-to-date certifications, and we partner with numerous well-known and trusted financial tools. Working with Acuity means working with a network of the top companies in the industry. In order for this to happen, we must always be looking for cutting-edge innovation that truly enhances the experience for our clients. Jirav is no exception.

Introducing Jirav

Jirav is a globally-recognized financial planning company that helps your business get ahead and stay ahead with access to smarter financials and instant insights. The Jirav Lite tool is a completely customizable dashboard that gives you real-time financial data through a user-friendly interface.

Good business starts with great data.

Being able to easily access and understand your financials at any given time doesn’t just give you a better understanding of your current financial state – it enables you to ask the right questions to help you prepare for your business’s future.

Acuity + Jirav Lite Partnership

We’re big fans of both excellent customer service and powerful technology, which is why Jirav is such a good fit for us. With this latest pilot program, Acuity accounting and CFO clients will gain free access to the Jirav Lite dashboard. In an economic atmosphere where every minute counts, instant access to financial data is an invaluable asset. And through the use of this tool, our advisors will better be able to serve you. We’re excited to get started!

Already an Acuity accounting or CFO client? Contact your controller or CFO today to start creating a custom dashboard for your business. New to Acuity and interested in learning more? Get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to build out your own custom dashboard!