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A Partnership for Acuity and Apple? Genius.

By May 26, 2016 No Comments

small business accountingWhen you get a call from Apple Inc., you answer — So when we recently answered our phone to hear Apple on the other end asking us to partner with them as their in-store small business accounting expert, we said yes. This month, we had the opportunity to hang out with them along with many southeastern entrepreneurs to demonstrate how small business owners can utilize Xero onsmall business accounting Apple products to be more efficient each and every day. Once a month, Apple stores call in small business experts to lead conversations about technologies that can help their businesses scale. We were excited to present “a day in the life of an entrepreneur” in which our fictional CEO  uses Xero throughout his day to ensure his business stays on track.

As many friends of the Acuity blog may know, we’re huge fans of Xero and as one of their largest gold partners in the U.S., we’re always excited for an opportunity to work with them to help transform our clients’ businesses. Entrepreneurs have to wear hundreds of hats and that can often include being a bookkeeper. Luckily, Xero was very intentional in the way they built their app to integrate well with MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and even Apple watches so bookkeeping doesn’t have to stay on your “to do or not to do” list forever. You can take control of your books wherever you are, on whatever device you may have.


From Waffle House breakfasts to client dinners, Acuity’s founders, Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May, walked attendees through an entrepreneur’s busy and unpredictable day. With Xero, you’re able to do everything from checking unpaid client invoices to submitting receipts for reimbursement right from your mobile device.

The Xero/Apple integration really does provide a simple, intuitive, and beautifully designed way to manage day to day accounting and have on-going access to current information to help your business thrive.


Cloud security is a big concern for small business owners, so we answered a lot small business accountingof valid questions about how to make sure you are keeping confidential information, confidential. Another popular question was “why should entrepreneurs choose Xero over QuickBooks Online or vice versa?”

At the end of the day, most of the small business owners in attendance simply recognized their accounting processes just weren’t cutting it and were hoping to find a quick and easy way to get their bookkeeping on track. We were able to recommend our DIY bookkeeping plan (which includes a FREE Xero subscription) as a great first step in the right direction.


Good news – the event was a hit and there are plenty more coming your way! Be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages so you know when to catch us.

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If you have questions about Xero or tackling bookkeeping on your own, we’re here to help. Just let us know.