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Around the World: Part 6

By August 9, 2016 No Comments

London Remote Year RecapGet Your Fix from London, England in This Month’s #RemoteYear Update.

See ya South America! Up until now, Acuity’s Account Manager, David McLaughlin, has been exploring Cusco, Bolivia, Buenos Aires, and Córdoba via the Remote Year program. This program allows its participants to work remotely while traveling around the world to 12 different cities, spending one month in each location. This month David has hopped continents and is off to London, England.

Our adventurer is no London newb; on a pre-Remote Year trip he had the chance to take in all of the traditional touristy stuff like Big Ben, the British Museum, the Tower of London, etc. This time he decided to venture outside of London and experience Stonehenge. In case you haven’t heard of Stonehenge (who are you?!), they are world famous and mysterious rocks that reside in Wiltshire, England. Their arrangement and sourcing continue to be among the longest standing unanswered questions to date.








Up next, was a weekend in David’s ancestral country of Scotland. He searched high and low for his family’s castle but had no luck, though he was able to explore Edinburgh for the first time. He even bought a kilt! We don’t have any pictures to share yet, but you can rest assured they are headed your way ASAP.




See what David’s been up with a few quick and dirty Q&As:

  • What’s the hardest part of working on the road?

Handling the mundane day-to-day things is the biggest hurdle. For example, how do I find the closest laundromat? Plus once I get there, how do I read these instructions written in another language?  It’s the simplest of things that will drive you mad, and make you miss home the most.

  • Any cultural differences you were surprised by?

Not in London, even though they do talk a little funny! Haha — after being in South America, it’s quite easy to understand the natives here and get around pretty easily.

  • Any hidden gems in London that most tourist don’t know about?

I am a huge fan of live music. It’s one of the things I really missed when we visited South America. London has a great hole-in-the-wall blues bar called, “Ain’t Nothing But The Blues.” It’s the best place to just relax and enjoy a little slice of home.

  • What was your favorite restaurant in London?

Goodman — you have to try it. It’s a steakhouse that’s divine, and trust me I’ve tried quite a few and none of them even compare to Goodman. They have the best steaks and impeccable service. We even got to sneak in the back and tour their infamous meat locker.

Goodman Steakhouse

Stay update to date on all DMac’s travels with this itinerary:

    1. Córdoba, Argentina
    2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    3. La Paz, Bolivia
    4. Cusco, Peru
    5. London, England
    6. Prague, Czech Republic → up next
    7. Belgrade, Serbia
    8. Split, Croatia
    9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    10. Chiang Mai, Thailand
    11. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    12. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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