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Tips for Small Business Owners: Is Your Morning Routine Setting You Up for Success?

By November 5, 2018 No Comments

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Many successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs have one thing in common: a morning routine that they’re committed to. From waking up on the first ring of your alarm to eating a healthy breakfast, here are the tips and tricks you need to know to be able to tackle whatever your business day throws at you.

1. Wake up early.

Early can mean a lot of different things to different people: For a lot of CEOs, the alarm rings at 4 AM. But what’s more important than the specific time you wake up (hey, 10 AM is early for some), is that you wake up at least two hours before the first thing you have to do that day. Take it from the Rock — he wakes up four hours early to prepare for the day — proving that the secret to success is really in the prep work.

2. Stay phone-free.

We get it — we’re all looped into our devices non-stop. But for your morning routine, resist the temptation to update your Twitter feed as soon as you’ve woken up, and wait at least 5 minutes before tuning in. If you want an even bigger challenge, try not to check your phone until after you’ve eaten breakfast. Why does this help? It allows you to get enthusiastic about your day and plan your most important tasks with little distraction. You’ll really appreciate the focus — free from the news and chatter of what everyone else is doing.  

3. Get energized.

Every morning, Tony Robbins runs ten miles and does a session of cryotherapy first thing. All things considered, that’s a pretty productive morning. Now we’re not suggesting that you HAVE to work out or chill in a chamber below 200 degrees, but we think that something to get your blood flowing is a great little perk. After all, a latte can do the trick, and you’ll benefit from the energy boost for the rest of the day.

4. Practice a little quiet time.

If you decided to schedule your workout for the morning, don’t forget to do a really important follow-up: 5 minutes of quiet time and reflection. Whether you’re more inclined to pray, meditate, or read something uplifting, this is the time to focus your attention on starting your day with a positive and grateful attitude. After all, being positive at work can make a big difference.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast.

You know those people who skip breakfast? They aren’t champions (sorry everyone who skips breakfast, the studies just aren’t in your favor). Why is this the case? You just need something to jumpstart your body — be it an oat pancake, a granola bar, eggs or an apple on the go. After all, how can you be expected to perform without a little fuel?

6. Schedule everything out.

Hone in on what’s most important for your day by outlining what two goals are most important to accomplish. Whether it’s attending a meeting or hiring a new employee, your two most important tasks deserve your full attention and a place in the #1 and #2 spot on your list. After that, outline the rest of your to-do and delegate where needed. Things like balancing your books or managing payroll can be easily be outsourced — leaving room for the most important to-dos on your list.

7. Check emails.

As a small business owner, we know you’re bombarded with a million emails every day. But there’s a secret to managing them better: stick to the schedule. Check your emails first thing in the morning, complete a few tasks, head out for lunch, then pop back in for round two. If you’re constantly checking your inbox, you’re probably not being productive at everything else on your to-do list, so refer to tip #6 and limit your available time for emails. That way you have time to accomplish your most important daily goals.

Now that you’ve prepared for the day, go out and dominate! Morning routines aren’t easy in the beginning, but once incorporated into your daily lifestyle you’ll notice an increase in efficiency, productivity, and energy throughout the work day that will translate into your business.