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Top Apps to Increase Cash Flow

By April 28, 2016 No Comments

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Let’s start with a little exercise (no sweating required, we promise). Take out your smartphone or tablet, and do a quick glance at the apps on your home screen. If you’re anything like us, you probably have the usual suspects there: a social media app (or two), your favorite internet browser, a reputable news source and maybe even a fitness tracker. What inspired you to move those apps to your home screen in the first place? Was it their ability to save you from boredom? Their promise to inspire you to get up and get moving? Or their instant access to more information? Whatever the reason, chances are, you rely on these apps daily.

Since 2008, Apple’s App Store has brought in over $40 billion worldwide. That’s a lot of cash flow for Apple. What if we told you there were apps out there that could help your own business increase its cash flow? No, we aren’t talking gimmicks – we’re talking about apps that can help you get the job done easier, faster and generally better than you did before. Take a look at our top apps to increase cash flow, and you’ll be rearranging your home screen in no time:


Consider Basecamp a digital conference room with loads of dry erase boards. As a project manager with a unique blend of six core office necessities, Basecamp is specifically designed to increase productivity and motivation. Employees can collaborate in the cloud to work through tasks in an organized way. Basecamp incorporates message boards, to-do lists, file storage, schedules and more.  78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020, and Basecamp will certainly be one of the apps getting them there. By implementing Basecamp, your projects will finish organized and on time putting your money where it needs to be: in the bank account.


Using an electronic signature app like Docusign will allow you to save time, energy, and best of all, money. Documents can be uploaded and sent quickly which means they can be returned quickly, too. And it goes without saying that you’ll save hundreds on things like copy paper, printer ink, postage and envelopes. A penny saved is a penny earned.


Join one of the more than 2.3 million people using Slack every day, and watch your cash flow soar. Slack combines email, text and instant messaging into one consolidated database. Team conversations are organized into channels both private and public. Public channels allow anyone to pop into a conversation to learn what’s going on with a particular project alleviating excess emails (just say no to “reply all”) while private channels are perfect for confidential conversations. Wherever your conversation leads, you can rest assured that more informed communication will certainly increase business cash flow.


If you’re a service or product based business, you’re going to want your transactions to be as smooth as possible, right? Enter Square. The Square reader attaches to any mobile device through your headphone port allowing your device to immediately become a credit card reader. No need to send invoices or hunt down customers for bounced checks or unpaid invoices. Created with small businesses in mind, Square is the card reader for entrepreneurs.


With apps like Venmo quickly rising in the digital wallet world, say goodbye to the old ways of Paypal. Gone are the days in which you had to pay for things like debit card fees. Dubbed by Slate as “the quintessential app for the urban professional twentysomething,” Venmo is here to stay. With Venmo, there are absolutely no fees for most debit cards and only a 3% fee for credit cards; just send (or receive) your money and move on. Even better? With Venmo, you can transfer funds to your bank account into as little as one business day. If you’re looking to complete large business transactions using Venmo, however, you might want to reconsider. Plan to use Venmo instead for things like company outings or in-office gatherings. Need to split the pizza everyone ordered for lunch? Venmo is your answer.

There are over 1.5 million available apps in Apple’s App Store (a number that grows daily). Be smart about your downloads and choose the apps that are going to increase your business cash flow. Encourage your employees to download these apps, too. Afterall, a company that downloads together stays together.

If you need more advice on how to increase your cash flow, let us know. We’re happy to help.