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Pokemon Go & Bookkeeping – Surprisingly Similar?

By July 29, 2016 No Comments

Pokemon GoHave you caught them all… or most likely just the Pokemon Go bug that has hit the foreheads of non-aware pedestrians across the nation? I am no stranger. I’ve recently nerded out about this new favorite pastime of mine and have even found a way to utilize the app to train for an upcoming half marathon. I’ve creatively termed this, Pokemon Go interval training. So yes, myself along with many other members of team Acuity have fully succumbed to the Pokemon Go lure, and if you chuckled at that then we’ll assume you’ve caught the bug too.

Here’s what inspired Pokemon Go Interval Training:

  1. I’ve always hated running by myself and have been highly dependent on training with a partner.
  2. As you’ve heard by the water cooler, it’s outrageously hot outside in Atlanta right now and I’ve slacked on my training these past five months.
  3. My daughter utilized the 3:1 interval for her latest 5k and crushed it.

A couple weeks back, my training partner left for a beach trip and my training schedule was in trouble. However, a moment of brilliance happened. Why not go out for the four mile run I needed to conquer and take rest intervals any time I hit a PokeStop or when a Pokemon was near?! Worst case scenario would be a 10k egg hatch, which would impress my son, so really it was a win win situation.

Here are the ground rules for Pokemon Go Interval Training:

Prepare for the nerdiest of nerd talk

  1. Speed walk/slow jog through PokeStops
  2. Only use one PokeBall on a Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat and Weddle (you may have to add any other common Pokemon in your area). I actually considered skipping this part altogether but since it is so hot right now, one shot is appropriate. As the weather cools down, I suggest moving towards skipping this altogether.
  3. Take as long as you want on catching a rare Pokemon.
  4. Start running again as soon as you catch the Pokemon.
  5. No attacking gyms!

So, why are we discussing Pokemon Go interval training on our accounting and bookkeeping blog?

Pokemon Go and bookkeeping are two things you never want an investor to know that you do yourself. Investors want to see that you are working on building the business, not that you are caught up in the weeds bookkeeping tasks. Both Pokemon Go and accounting tasks are such a time suck for entrepreneurs, and can become pretty aggravating if you find you have spent too long in either world instead of focusing on growing your business. We can’t help you with your Pokemon Go time management but we can definitely help you offload your bookkeeping headaches to the pros. Check out our full accounting services, and we’ll keep your addiction secrets safe.


Happy training. Gotta catch ‘em all.