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Introducing Acuity Birmingham – welcome to the family!

By September 15, 2016 No Comments

Innovation Depot in Birmingham

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Meet David Averyt: Managing Partner – Acuity, Birmingham

David is sitting on boxes in his living room as we chat. His home is undergoing a major renovation, and he’s about to move his team into the new Acuity Birmingham offices. A recovering lawyer and accountant, David Averyt is the brave soul heading up our brand new location not too far from home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Located in the city’s epicenter of technology, Innovation Depot, Acuity Birmingham is poised to help the city’s booming startup and entrepreneurial culture grow and scale through providing strategic controller and CFO services.

Where did we find David? He in fact totes a long line of impressive credentials including an accounting degree that landed him a stint in accounting at Ernst & Young followed by a law degree from the University of Alabama with which he practiced traditional law for about 2 years. From there he wandered into the exciting world of real estate advisory services – acting as a multi-family office for real estate investors.

Following his real estate advisory endeavor, David decided to get closer to the action and went in-house for a client, acting as a CFO/Chief Legal Council type of role — which is where he met us. After coming to understand David’s knack for flexibility and the thrill he gets from tackling the unknown, we knew we had a place for him on team Acuity. You could say we scratched his entrepreneurial itch – and we’re sure glad we did.

“I was just in Atlanta recently, meeting the team” shares David, “and was really impressed by what an interesting and diverse team we have. It got me really excited to get working and bring that same fresh and exciting financial approach to the Birmingham scene.”

Though this won’t be David’s first foray into the entrepreneurial world (he is the proud co-founder of D&D Cookie Company, a company he and his sister started in elementary school), this will be an adventure unlike any he has attempted so far.

Why Acuity?

The minute David stepped into the Atlanta Tech Village, home of Acuity’s headquarters, he knew he was in the right place. “I was excited to hear not only what the Acuity team had already done and built but also where they are headed. They encouraged me immediately, even only barely knowing me – that was huge. Prior to this gig, I’ve mostly known the nose-to-the-grindstone corporate culture. But Kenji and Matthew model flexibility that allows them to enjoy their jobs, families, social life…. Things that matter a lot to me, too. That, accompanied with working hard and serving clients well – that sealed the deal for me.”

Ready, Set, Launch!

There was very little prep for David to set up and open up shop in Birmingham. Out of the gate, he and the team are chasing meetings and making waves for some rising star startups in Birmingham.

David states, “There isn’t anything particularly unique about the work we’re doing – it’s simply solid financial accounting and strategic advice. But the Acuity model, culture, and service are something that Birmingham market will find both fresh and fitting at the same time. We are excited to bring this proven concept to the people here and be a part of helping the city grow. Right now, Birmingham is full of emerging creative startups that are doing amazing things — so the time couldn’t be better.”

If you are in the Birmingham area and are looking for a financial partner that understands your business and is poised to help you scale strategically – stop by and see David. Our office is located at Innovation Depot, 1500 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Let’s get started.